New Publishers Joining Scroll Network Include Buzzfeed, Vox Media, Fatherly and The Daily Beast

Today, we are excited and humbled to announce that Union Square Ventures is leading a $7m Series A round in Scroll. The round also includes participation from Samsung Next, Bertelsmann, Gannett, Axel Springer, The New York Times,  Uncork Capital, Founder Collective, OATV and Tom Glocer. They’re investing in the idea that it’s possible to fix an internet that has evolved to feel more like something done to us than something built for us. At Scroll, we’ve spent the last two years seeking the path to an Internet that truly feels built for us: an open platform that puts consumers in control and enables publishers to thrive.

No one company can solve the problems ahead of us. This requires coalitions who are willing to think beyond the quarter and invest in long-term change. That is why it is so heartening that these top-tier institutions are investing in this round with Scroll.

Their vital support has been augmented by the addition of a new round of publishers including BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Fatherly and The Daily Beast, who are joining a host of existing partners including USA Today, MSNBC, Business Insider and more, in leading the way as part of the Scroll network.

What does this look like?

An Internet built for us has content experiences designed for focus, not distraction. When you visit a Scroll partner, that site automatically recognizes that you are part of the Scroll network and delivers an experience purely designed for you. There are no interruptive ads, no 15 second pre-rolls or links to baldness cures at the bottom of articles on the Supreme Court. An internet built for us cares about your privacy. You control your own data and can do what you want with it.

An Internet built for values not silos

An internet built for us doesn’t believe in silos or constraints. Scroll works automatically if you’re in mobile apps like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn or Facebook or just reading in Chrome on your laptop. It seamlessly syncs content across your devices and is format-agnostic. You can start reading an article on a laptop, continue on your phone on the subway and then finish it as an audio story in your car.  An Internet built for us puts us first.

An Internet built for us values what we value. It ensures that journalists and curators have a sustainable business model that has them make more money serving us than selling us. More than 60 publishers have now run thousands of scenarios through our model and the average revenue lift over what they would have made from advertising to Scroll subscribers is greater than 40%. They’ve shown it is possible and profitable to give consumers control over the experience they want.

Next up

We’re working hard to integrate more and more publisher sites before a more general consumer launch. In the meantime, we’d also like to thank the beta users who’ve been so helpful to us thus far. We’re continuing to be deliberate in how we onboard, learn and adapt, so for those on the waitlist, thank you for your patience!

Finally, if you care about a thriving free press existing on an open web where the consumer comes first, Scroll is hiring! Check out for more information.