Artboard (2)A note from Tony Haile, CEO of Scroll


  • Scroll is acquiring Nuzzel
  • The core service isn’t going to change beyond removing the ads
  • We’re spinning out the media intelligence business

What’s happening with Nuzzel?

Scroll is acquiring Nuzzel. We’re investing in keeping it running as an independent entity, and our first priority is not to screw that up, so don’t expect any major changes to the core service, beyond what we’re going to announce in this blog post. If you like the email digest, you’ll still get the email digest. If you love the app, it will still give you the best discovery experience around.

The Nuzzel team have been hard at work migrating their infrastructure over to managed services at AWS with the goal of improved long-term stability. We know there’s been a few stability issues during that process and we sincerely apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced during that time. We hope the short term hassle is worth it for the resulting long-term stability.

What’s changing?

Two things are changing with Nuzzel:

  1. We’re removing the ads from the newsletters. Scroll is not in the ad business so it would be weird for us to include ads in Nuzzel.
  2. We’re spinning off the enterprise Media Intelligence subscription business. It’s a great product but doesn’t make a ton of sense to have this business be part of Scroll. It’s going to be taken over by the engineers who built it and are keen to grow that business. We’ll work with them to minimize any disruption during this spin out.

Why acquire Nuzzel?

First, Nuzzel is goddamned awesome. Jonathan Abrams and his team built something that meant we could get the value of the social signals around content without having to wade in to the sometimes murky depths of our social feeds to distill what’s important. It mediates social media, saving us time and stress. A lot of us are trying to reset how we interact with the flood of information we’re faced with and Nuzzel manages that flood better than anything we’ve ever seen.

Ok, but why are *you* acquiring Nuzzel?

Scroll is at the heart of a coalition of publishers and platforms building a new user experience model that  sustainably funds journalism. At the core of that is a simple membership that enables people to fund the sites they love, without having to deal with the ads and trackers they don’t. As consumers, we get a fast, clean ad-free experience across the web and apps like Nuzzel while journalism gets to survive and thrive. It’s a win-win.

However, a healthy news ecosystem doesn’t just require a thriving free press, it also needs a diversity of curators, newsletters and content discovery options that enable the weird and wonderful to surface. We want to use Nuzzel as a test kitchen to see what models works for curators as well as content creators. The simple goal is a sustainable open web where the goals of creators, curators and consumers are aligned around the best possible experience.

A word from Jonathan Abrams, Founder of Nuzzel

The problems that Nuzzel solves are even more important today than when Nuzzel was started,” said Jonathan Abrams, founder of Nuzzel. “People need help solving overload, saving time, and staying informed.  That’s why Nuzzel is used by many of the top influencers in media, technology, and finance, and was named one of the best apps by Google, the New York Times, Fast Company, and Time Magazine. Scroll is at the forefront of improving the online news experience, and Scroll will be a perfect home for Nuzzel.