One of the companies we’ve always looked up to most has been Mozilla. From their inception they have been dedicated to the concept of an internet that puts people first. They’ve been at the forefront of driving forward user experience on the web as well as how we think about data and privacy online. In this, they have been an inspiration to all of us at Scroll.

We began talking to the Mozilla team late last year as both they and Scroll were wrestling with the common problem of how to build a web that puts users first without compromising on funding  the journalism essential to our democracy . From those early discussions, we’ve moved to a more formal collaboration where we’re going to be working together to understand consumer attitudes and interest around alternative funding models and consumer-driven ad-free experiences.

It’s early days for this partnership, but we want to be transparent from the get-go and are hugely excited about what we might learn as we seek a better web ecosystem together.