• Scroll is now open to the public!
  • From January 28th, anyone can experience an internet that’s twice as fast, with 80% fewer trackers and completely ad free on a growing network of sites.
  • They can enjoy that experience knowing that their membership will help support the sites they love.

The internet was meant to feel magical 

Increasingly the internet is feeling less like something built for us and more like something done to us. We navigate slow-loading pages with auto-expanding video ads, misleading headlines, and widgets full of junk links. We’re told our privacy is important as our data is captured and sold. 

This isn’t working for the sites either. Ad revenue is going to the big platforms and our favorite sites are closing down, laying people off, or doubling the ads on the page to survive. We’ve ended up on the darkest timeline and no one is happy.

Can we build a better internet?

We started with a simple question: how would the web have evolved if ads had never existed? What infrastructure would have been built? How would the economics work? We decided to find out.

Scroll is the result. It’s a membership that makes your internet better. Pages load twice as fast, the shadowy trackers selling your data are gone, there are no chumboxes and there are no ads. You don’t have to change how you go to sites. Mobile, desktop or tablet; in a browser like Chrome or Safari or in apps like Twitter, Facebook or Flipboard, Scroll works the way the internet should: seamlessly.

A Scroll membership makes the internet better for everyone

Your membership directly funds a growing network of the sites you love. It pays them more than they would have made from ads and rewards quality, not clickbait. (For the commercially-minded among you, the current network average is a $46 RPM). Those economics encourage more sites to join, which creates more value for more members. And, site by site, the internet gets better for more and more people.

How does it work?

Scroll isn’t a browser extension and you don’t just get the Scroll experience in our app. Scroll integrates directly into sites so that they can always recognize you and deliver a Scroll-enabled experience. Once you’re logged in to Scroll in a browser, you’ll automatically get the experience of a better internet.

One more thing 

Life on a better internet doesn’t stop at faster, more private, and ad-free. Every article within the network is now available in audio, too. You can seamlessly switch between desktop and mobile and reading and audio. Start reading a story on desktop, finish listening to it on your phone. It’s simple. It’s better. It’s even a little bit magical.

Let’s make things better, join Scroll and let us know what you think