Scroll launches subscription bundle with Insider

Late last year, we announced that we were testing out new connected subscriptions. We’d heard from our members that their ideal subscription was one that offered access to their favorite site and a better experience across all the sites they visited. Now that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with Insider, directly from their Subscribe page and paywall.

Insider has long been a key partner in innovation with Scroll. We ran a joint test campaign to existing Insider monthly subscribers, where subscribers were offered the chance to upgrade to a bundle of an Insider subscription and Scroll membership. That campaign exceeded projections, and Insider now offers prospective subscribers a variety of choices when they subscribe: they can get a monthly subscription, annual or annual + ad-free with a year of Scroll included.

Insider’s subscription menu

We’re thankful to the subscriptions team at Insider for their embrace of experimentation and their focus on great user experience to strengthen their relationship with the audience. We look forward to rolling out connected subscriptions more broadly, as always in service of our broader mission: to build a better internet where journalism can thrive.