Funding curators: Techmeme becomes inaugural discovery partner


We’re excited to announce Techmeme as our inaugural discovery partner. From now on, Scroll members who discover content on any Scroll-enabled site via Techmeme will be funding both the ad-free content they visit and Techmeme for directing them there.

Why are you doing this?

A few algorithms should not govern what content people encounter. A better internet is one where a multitude of curators and aggregators flourish, providing perspectives and context that inform and challenge us. That diversity of voices guiding our discovery is as important as the diversity creating the content itself.

That path to a better internet has been limited by the lack of business models for curators and aggregators. We wanted to find a better way. That’s why we built Scroll to recognize not just content creators, but the curators who amplify or contextualize their voices. When a Scroll member discovers great content through a curator, both content creator and curator are providing value and both are rewarded. 

How does it work?

When a discovery partner like Techmeme directs a Scroll member to a story, say, by The Verge, Scroll accrues 80% of the value of the visit to the Verge and 20% of the value to Techmeme. So for example, if 2,000 Scroll members click on that link with each creating $0.10 of value, then Techmeme gets $40 and the Verge gets $160. The Verge benefits from getting value from an audience that might not have discovered their content and Techmeme’s contribution is also valued, as it always should have been. 

We’ve always loved Techmeme. They’re defiantly independent, with a well-balanced mix of human and algorithmic curation and they bring together not just the most important stories but the context to them. We’re thankful to have them as our inaugural discovery partner.

Our goal at scale is a better internet where diverse content creators and curators can flourish without the need for massive scale or restricted access and where consumers don’t have to choose which singular voice to listen to. If you’re a curator, or aggregator who believes in that kind of internet, you should come build it with us.