Scroll partners with Firefox to build a better internet

We’re excited to announce the launch of Firefox Better Web with Scroll, an initiative with Mozilla to bring joy back to browsing the web. Members get to experience Firefox with improved performance and privacy combined with Scroll’s growing network of ad-free sites.

We’ve wanted to work with Mozilla since the day we started Scroll. They care about the things we care about: user experience and privacy on a sustainable internet that works for everyone. Over the last year, we’ve had the chance to run multiple tests to explore new revenue models for the web based around the idea that user experience comes first.

The data that led to today

Those tests performed even better than we hoped. We then moved from tests to a broader audience when Scroll left beta in January. After the initial free trial, 18.5% of trial members started paying for a membership, against an industry benchmark of 3-4%. In short, a surprising number of people wanted a better web and liked funding the sites they cared about.

The model is working for publishers too, generating a $30-$40 RPM as standard, which is more than double what the sites would have earned from those visitors from advertising.

Building a better web

The model works, and combined with Firefox’s best ever private browsing experience, we can bring a better web to many more. Firefox and Scroll are making this initiative for a better web broadly available to people across the US today.

Members of this initiative will see their pages load faster while using less data and the anonymous trackers selling their data disappear. The web will start to feel magical again. Members know that their money only goes to the sites they visit and an ever-expanding network of sites will not have to rely on showing people ads to make money.

You can read more about this initiative and how we got here on Firefox’s blog. Or sign up to be a member and experience a better web for yourself. If you’re a site that wants to participate in a better funding model for the web, you can sign up to join the growing Scroll network.